6 Capital Cities with a Coastline to Visit


If you are looking for a new list of places to visit, you may consider going to capital cities with a coastline. There are magnificent cities all over the world sitting by the seaside, making it easy for anyone to combine business and pleasure in a single trip. There are significant capital cities with a coastline, which is a perfect combination for any country to have a capital with beaches. We have collated a list of 6 capital cities with a coastline to visit.

Athens, Greece
Greece’s capital, Athens tops the list with a beautifully curved coastline marking the city’s edges. Here you can spend your mornings on the Saronic Gulf with breathtaking views as the sun announces its presence on the glorious sands. Alimos Beach is a local haven and a must-visit for tourists looking to enjoy exhilarating water sports such as windsurfing and jet skiing.

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is Spain’s capital and the largest city sitting along the Mediterranean Sea. The city is known for its fascinating history and eminent architecture, not to mention the cosmopolitan atmosphere. Once you discover the beaches, you can easily spend days dipping your feet and toes in the calm waters, hoping you can stop and spend your forever there. The city attracts millions of tourists annually, with La Barceloneta as the main beach hosting many people. The city also hosts the historic Camp Nou Stadium, which has seen some of the most prolific soccer players showcase their talents.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro’s coastline offers one of the most iconic views in South America. The city is well known for its beaches, from Copacabana, Rio’s most frequented beach, to other equally renowned beaches, such as Ipanema beach. The evenings are full of pomp and color as locals serve tourists the best of Brazilian culture and samba-infused beach parties. A trip to Rio cannot be complete without a peaceful sunbathing session and a cable car trip up Sugarloaf Mountain for the mind-blowing views of Rio de Janeiro’s beaches.

Tokyo. Japan
Tokyo is an ultramodern city bordering the Pacific Ocean. The city’s presence along the coast offers more than just a docking site to the Japanese as it is one of the world’s largest fishing harbours providing a livelihood to thousands. The city has so much in store, from the fantastic Japanese people, and a rich and profound culture to one of the world’s most famous delicacies, sushi.

Sydney, Australia
Sydney’s inclusion on this list is no surprise, as the city has a lot to offer regarding beaches. With over 70 beaches, rock pools, and a world-renowned waterfront, Sydney is, without a doubt, one of the top destinations in Australia. The city hosts the Sydney harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House located on the shores of Sydney harbour and is famous for its unmatched design and construction.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Famous for its artistic heritage, narrow houses, and canal systems, and The Hague, Amsterdam has much more to offer, with its beautifully trimmed coastline. Amsterdam beaches are perfect spots for swimming and sunbathing. The Bloemendaal aan Zee is the second most famed beach in Holland, coming second to Blijburg aan Zee beach, which is closed. It is recognized for its expansive sand dunes and calm waters and is a walking distance from the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. A trip to this iconic city by the sea will leave you wanting more.

Final thoughts
You can never have enough magnificent cities all over the world bordering the sea. This list is just a fraction of the great capitals with a coastline to visit. Spend your holidays in any of these cities and enjoy a perfect blend of sand, sun, culture, technology, and nature.…