Charles and Evelyn’s Costa Rican Canopy

Charles and Evelyn's Costa Rican Canopy

Charles and Evelyn, a spirited couple in their seventies, had always shared a passion for nature and adventure. After years of nurturing their suburban garden and observing local birdlife, they decided it was time to embark on a grander adventure. Costa Rica, with its lush rainforests and abundant wildlife, promised the perfect escape.

Their journey began in the vibrant city of San José, where they were immediately captivated by the warmth of the local people and the rich coffee aroma that filled the air. However, the real adventure started as they headed towards the Monteverde Cloud Forest, a place they had dreamt of visiting since they first read about it in a nature magazine.

Arriving in Monteverde, the couple felt as though they had stepped into another world. The air was fresh and moist, filled with the sounds of exotic birds and the rustling of leaves. Evelyn, with her binoculars always ready, was thrilled to spot colorful toucans and resplendent quetzals, adding several species to her lifelong birdwatching list.

Charles, meanwhile, was fascinated by the intricacies of the forest’s ecosystem. He attended a workshop on bonsai artistry using tropical plants, connecting his love for bonsai with the lush greenery around him. The couple also joined a guided nature walk, where they learned about the medicinal uses of native plants, a topic that piqued Evelyn’s interest as she compared it to her herbal tea recipes.

One of the highlights of their trip was a visit to the famous hanging bridges. Suspended high above the forest floor, Charles and Evelyn walked hand in hand, marveling at the canopy layer that teemed with life. From this elevated perspective, they observed monkeys swinging from tree to tree and sloths lazily navigating the branches, a sight that filled them with wonder and admiration for the natural world.

Their next destination was the Arenal Volcano National Park, where they explored the lava fields and soaked in hot springs fed by the geothermal activity of the volcano. The hot springs were a welcome treat for their weary muscles, and as they relaxed in the warm, mineral-rich waters, they reflected on the adventures of the past days.

The couple also visited a local conservation project that focused on reforestation and wildlife rehabilitation. Inspired by the dedication of the conservationists, they decided to sponsor a section of the forest, a gesture that made their trip even more meaningful. They enjoyed chatting with the project’s volunteers, sharing stories of Charles’ garden back home and Evelyn’s birdwatching escapades.

As their journey neared its end, Charles and Evelyn spent a quiet evening on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Manuel Antonio. Watching the sunset over the ocean, they felt a deep connection to the stunning beauty and diversity of Costa Rica. The trip had not only allowed them to witness the wonders of the rainforest but had also rejuvenated their spirits and deepened their appreciation for each other’s hobbies and interests.

Returning home, Charles and Evelyn were not the same. They brought back not only photographs and souvenirs but a renewed zest for life and a plethora of ideas for how they could contribute to conserving their local environment. Evelyn started planning a series of birdwatching trips for the local community, while Charles explored the possibility of creating a small-scale rewilding project in their garden.

Their adventure in Costa Rica reminded them that it’s never too late to explore the world and that true discovery often begins with a shared curiosity and a simple step into the unknown.…

Exploring Bora Bora: A Couple’s Adventure in French Polynesia at 60

A Couple's Adventure in French Polynesia at 60

Geoffrey and Imogen, a spirited couple in their sixties, embarked on an adventure to Bora Bora, French Polynesia, a destination they had dreamt of for years. Geoffrey, an avid horse rider with a penchant for meeting new people, and Imogen, a passionate anti-nuclear activist who loved her elderflower wine, were ready for a holiday that promised to be as unique as their interests.

Their journey began with a breathtaking flight over the island, where the turquoise waters and lush landscapes of Bora Bora unfolded beneath them. As they landed, the warm, tropical air greeted them, carrying the scent of frangipani and sea salt. They were whisked away to their overwater bungalow, a serene haven with views of the majestic Mount Otemanu.

The next morning, Geoffrey’s excitement was palpable as they headed to a local stable for a horseback ride. The stable, nestled at the foot of the island’s verdant hills, offered guided tours along the beach and through the island’s interior. Geoffrey, atop a gentle chestnut mare, and Imogen, on a spirited bay gelding, trotted along the shoreline. The rhythm of the horses’ hooves on the sand and the soothing sound of the waves created a symphony of nature. Imogen, usually more reserved, found herself laughing with joy, the exhilaration of the ride igniting a sense of freedom in her.

In the afternoons, while Geoffrey explored the local markets, chatting with artisans and tasting exotic fruits, Imogen found her own slice of paradise. She discovered a small, secluded beach where she would sit for hours, sipping her homemade elderflower wine and writing letters to her friends back home, describing the beauty of Bora Bora and her adventures.

One day, they took a boat tour around the island, marveling at the vibrant coral reefs and the abundance of marine life. Geoffrey, ever the social butterfly, struck up conversations with fellow travelers, sharing stories and laughs. Imogen, meanwhile, was captivated by the island’s natural beauty, her thoughts drifting to the importance of preserving such pristine environments.

Their most memorable evening came when they attended a traditional Polynesian feast. The night was filled with the sounds of ukuleles and drums, and the air was thick with the aroma of roasted fish and tropical fruits. Geoffrey and Imogen joined the locals in a dance, their movements telling stories of the island’s history and culture. It was a night where their spirits soared, embraced by the warmth and hospitality of the Polynesian people.

As their trip neared its end, Geoffrey and Imogen took a quiet walk along the beach, reflecting on their experiences. They realized that Bora Bora had not only been a journey across the world but also a journey within themselves. Geoffrey had found joy in the simple pleasures of nature and connection, while Imogen had rediscovered a sense of wonder and the importance of cherishing the moment.

Their last night in Bora Bora was spent under a canopy of stars, the sky a tapestry of constellations. They toasted with a glass of elderflower wine, a fitting end to a journey that had been as diverse and vibrant as their own lives. As they looked out over the lagoon, Geoffrey and Imogen knew that the memories of Bora Bora would stay with them forever, a reminder of the beauty of the world and the enduring spirit of adventure.…

The Unlikely Explorers: Geoffers and Imogen in the Hindu Kush

The Unlikely Explorers: Geoffers and Imogen in the Hindu Kush

Geoffers and Imogen were not your average couple in their 60s. While Geoffers found solace in re-wilding his garden and tinkering with his ham radio, Imogen was a fervent activist against nuclear power and had a penchant for elderflower wine. Their interests were as diverse as the flora in Geoffers’ garden, but their love was the common soil that nurtured their unique blooms.

On a whim, they decided to take a trip to the Hindu Kush, a mountain range that stretches between central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. Geoffers was intrigued by the untouched wilderness, while Imogen saw it as an opportunity to learn about a different culture and its relationship with natural resources.

As their plane descended into Kabul, Geoffers looked out the window, captivated by the landscape’s rugged beauty. “Imagine the biodiversity down there,” he mused.

Imogen chuckled, “And imagine the stories of the people who call that place home.”

They joined a small group tour that would take them to the Hindu Kush’s heart. On the first day, they visited a local village where Imogen conversed with a group of women. They spoke about their daily lives, fears of industrialization, and the importance of sustainable living. Imogen felt a sense of kinship; their worries were universal, transcending borders and languages.

Geoffers, meanwhile, was engrossed in a discussion with a local farmer about indigenous plants and traditional farming methods. He was thrilled to learn about the native flora and even collected some seeds to return to his garden.

As they trekked deeper into the mountains, Geoffers couldn’t help but marvel at the untouched wilderness around him. He took notes, sketched plants, and recorded bird calls on a small handheld recorder. He felt like a true explorer, documenting a rapidly disappearing world.

The natural beauty equally moved Imogen but couldn’t shake off her activist spirit. She wondered about the impact of nearby mining operations and the potential for renewable energy sources in the region. She made it a point to talk to their local guides about these issues, hoping to bring back memories and actionable insights.

On the fifth day, they reached a remote plateau with a breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks. Geoffers pulled out a small ham radio from his backpack as they sat there, taking in the beauty. With a grin, he said, “How about we send a message to the world from the top of the Hindu Kush?”

Imogen laughed, “Only if I can add a line about renewable energy.”

Geoffers set up the radio and soon enough, they were broadcasting a message. “This is Geoffers and Imogen, coming to you from the Hindu Kush. We’re surrounded by an incredible ecosystem that deserves to be preserved. Over.”

“And this is Imogen, reminding you that the beauty of our planet is worth fighting for. Let’s invest in renewable energy and sustainable practices. Over and out.”

Imogen pulled out a small bottle of elderflower wine she had brought along as they packed up. “A toast to our journey and the lessons we’ve learned.”

They clinked their makeshift cups, savoring the sweet wine as the sun dipped below the horizon. It was a simple moment that encapsulated the essence of their relationship—a blend of activism and appreciation, exploration and preservation.

As they returned to civilization, Geoffers and Imogen knew that this trip had changed them. They had ventured into the unknown, both in the world and within themselves, and had returned richer for it.

And so, as they returned to their garden and their protests, their radio broadcasts, and their wine, they carried with them a piece of the Hindu Kush—a reminder that even in the twilight years, life still had new landscapes to explore and lessons to impart.…

Himalayan Conservation Adventure

Himalayas mountains

Geoffrey and Imogen had always been a unique couple. In their 60s, they had a zest for life that few could match. Geoffrey’s passion was re-wilding his garden back home, turning it into a thriving ecosystem of native plants and wildlife. He spent hours tending to his garden, nurturing the growth of indigenous flora and providing a safe haven for birds, insects, and small mammals.

Imogen, on the other hand, had been a lifelong activist. She was a staunch advocate against nuclear power, having seen the devastating effects it could have on the environment and communities. Her weekends were often occupied with protests and rallies, where she used her voice to raise awareness about the dangers of nuclear energy. To unwind after her activism, she enjoyed sipping on homemade elderflower wine, a recipe she had perfected over the years.

One day, as they were enjoying a peaceful evening in their garden, Geoffrey turned to Imogen with a twinkle in his eye. “You know, love,” he began, “we’ve spent our entire lives fighting for what we believe in, and I wouldn’t change a thing. But I’ve always dreamed of visiting the Himalayas, experiencing the untouched beauty of those mountains.”

Imogen looked at Geoffrey, her eyes softening. She knew how much the idea meant to him. “Well, you know I’ve always wanted to see those mountains too,” she admitted. “Maybe it’s time we took a break from our usual routines and went on an adventure.”

And so, after some careful planning and packing, Geoffrey and Imogen found themselves on a plane bound for the Himalayas. As the plane descended into Kathmandu, they gazed out of the window at the towering peaks in the distance, feeling a mixture of excitement and awe.

Their journey through the Himalayas was a revelation. They hiked through pristine forests, breathing in the crisp mountain air. Geoffrey marveled at the natural beauty surrounding him, recognizing the importance of preserving such wilderness. Imogen couldn’t help but draw parallels between her anti-nuclear activism and the importance of protecting fragile ecosystems like the Himalayas.

During their trek, they encountered friendly locals who shared stories of their own struggles to protect the environment. Geoffrey and Imogen were inspired by the dedication of these individuals, who were working tirelessly to preserve the Himalayan landscape.

One evening, as they sat by a campfire under a sky full of stars, Imogen poured them both glasses of elderflower wine. They clinked their glasses together, toasting to the beauty of the Himalayas and the importance of conservation.

Geoffrey and Imogen’s Himalayan adventure not only deepened their love for each other but also reinforced their commitment to environmental causes. They returned home with a newfound appreciation for the natural world and a renewed determination to continue their efforts to protect it.

Back in their garden, Geoffrey resumed his re-wilding project with even more enthusiasm, while Imogen channeled her experiences in the Himalayas into her activism, connecting the global struggle for environmental preservation with the local efforts in their own community.

Geoffrey and Imogen were a couple in their 60s who had never stopped exploring, learning, and fighting for what they believed in. Their journey to the Himalayas had been a testament to their enduring love for each other and their unwavering commitment to the planet they cherished.…

Top 10 Movies About France

the french

A great way to immerse yourself in the French culture and beautiful language before taking a trip to the European gem is watching several great movies about France or set in France. French films are world-renowned, from famous script writers and filmmakers to grace the industry. As you fantasise about an excursion in Paris and other French cities, you may have to settle for a virtual vacation before the actual trip happens. There are hundreds of excellent movies about France to set the right mood for travel enthusiasts who cannot get their fix right away. France is my removal guy’s favourite place to visit Here is a list of the top 10 movies about France.

  1. French Kiss
    Kate Journeys to France to try and win her fiancé back, who has disclosed that he is in love with another woman. On her quest, she meets Luc, who agrees to help her win her fiancé back, but Luc has ulterior motives. This is a 90’s rom-com set in Paris and South France.
    While the story is quite captivating and whimsical, the actual attraction is in the scenery. In Provence and Paris, French Kiss treats viewers to lush countryside and city scenes. Your desire to tour France will grow as soon as you press the play button.
  2. Amelie
    This is the kind of movie that will leave you wanting a trip to France so bad. Amelie tells the story of a girl in her 20s, Amelie, who lives and works in the picturesque neighbourhood of Montmartre. She is on a quest to make everyone around her happy and develops immense love for herself.
    The movie is fully filmed in Paris, specifically in Montmartre. Café des Deux Moulins is the primary location, a movie that gives viewers a glimpse of French cuisine and what Parisians and its visitors enjoy as meals. Other iconic places in the movie include Sacre Coeur and Abbesses Metro Station.

  3. The Intouchables
    Perhaps one of the biggest French films ever made, Intouchables is a heart-warming comedy-drama movie about a special friendship between a French nobleman, Phillipe Pozzo, and an immigrant, Abdel Sellou. The better part of the Intouchables was filmed in Paris and featured some of the city’s most famous cafes, hotels, and landmarks, such as Hotel d’Avaray, used as Phillipe’s home in the film. It also features a memorable scene shot at Mont Bisanne and adds to the number of French wonders in the film.
  4. Midnight in Paris
    This is the story of Gil, on a small trip to Paris with his fiancé, and his dream of escaping life in America to live in an attic in Paris with a skylight. As he wanders around Paris one night at midnight, he discovers that he can travel back in time to the 20s to meet his literary idols. This French marvel features an all-star cast.
    The film portrays Paris in its ideal fashion while showcasing other unique locations with iconic sceneries, such as the Seine riverside walk and the Palace of Versailles. Get a lesson on Paris’s history and an inspiration to visit the country.
  5. Ratatouille
    Ratatouille is among the best movies to watch before visiting France. This animation, named after a signature French dish, features a rat who dreams of becoming a chef and befriends a kitchen worker. Remy, the rat, fixes the soup that the young kitchen worker was trying to fix, and it turns out to be a success and a job-saving move. With this movie, you get a decent impression of French delicacies and the ambiance of Paris, which makes you want to visit the city.
  6. Julie & Julia
    This is an amazing movie that highlights tasty foods from France. Julie Powell decides to learn how to prepare French dishes with the help of Julia Child’s book. Julia Child has an immense love for French delicacies, which is the anchor of the script behind this film. Learn about French foods, how to prepare 365 French dishes, and what to order in French restaurants or dishes to try at home. What better way of learning about French foods beforehand than watching Julie & Julia?
  7. Moulin Rouge
    Moulin Rouge is a musical dramedy set in Montmartre, of a young Christian who moves to France to fully experience freedom, truth, and love. Paris, commonly known as the city of Love, is perfectly captured in this film, more specifically, the artistic neighbourhood of Montmartre. Here, he falls for Stine, a courtesan, and performer at the Moulin Rouge nightclub. This film features a blockbuster favourite, Nicole Kidman, which makes it a must-watch for all romantics. If you are one for love poems, you should watch this movie about France.
  8. Marie Antionette
    You will truly enjoy this movie if you plan to visit the Palace of Versailles. It is a tale of an iconic and ill-fated French queen, Marie Antoinette. She was betrothed and married to Louse XVI, at 15, became queen at the age of 19, and the end of her reign. Scandal, propaganda, and conspiracy rule over her reign and she fits into her new position in the royal family. This movie fully captures 18th-century France in its full opulence. The movie does a great job of portraying the scenic features of Versailles, including its iconic halls and galleries.
  9. Renoir
    The script is centred around Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s life, a famous French painter, and his last days as an artist as he paints Andree Heuschling, his final model. It is set in the idyllic neighbourhood of Cote D’Azur in 1915 that features as a backdrop for most paintings and parts of the film. It is inspired by a real-life event, with both Renoir and his son Jean being captivated by the beautiful Andree. Through this film, you will virtually tour the famous Renoir Museum and the French Riviera as the centre stage of the production.
  10. Hugo (2011)
    This is a fantastic fantasy film about Hugo,

11 Breathtakingly Beautiful Travel Destinations In Peru

If you’re looking for an amazing travel destination, look no further than Peru! This country is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the world. From the snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountains to the lush Amazon rainforest, Peru has something for everyone. Here are 11 breathtakingly beautiful travel destinations in Peru that you won’t want to miss!


The ancient city of Cusco is a must-see for any traveler to Peru. This UNESCO World Heritage site was once the capital of the Inca Empire and is now one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. The city is full of history and culture, and there are plenty of things to see and do. From exploring the ancient ruins to visiting the many museums and galleries, you’ll never run out of things to do in Cusco.

Machu Picchu

No trip to Peru is complete without a visit to Machu Picchu. This ancient Inca citadel is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world and it’s easy to see why. The stunning mountain setting and incredible architecture are truly breathtaking. If you’re lucky enough to get tickets, be sure to take the scenic train ride from Cusco to get there. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

Lake Titicaca

Peru is home to some of the most beautiful lakes in the world, and Lake Titicaca is no exception. This massive lake, which is located on the border of Peru and Bolivia, is the highest navigable lake in the world. It’s a popular spot for both tourists and locals alike, and there are plenty of things to do. Whether you want to go fishing, sailing, or just take in the stunning scenery, Lake Titicaca is a great place to visit.

Colca Canyon

Peru’s Colca Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world and it’s also home to some of the most breathtaking views. The canyon is more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and it’s full of beautiful plants and animals. If you’re looking for an adventure, you can go hiking or camping in the canyon. Or, if you prefer to take it easy, you can simply enjoy the views from one of the many lookout points.

Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are a must-see for any traveler to Peru. These ancient geoglyphs, which were created by the Nazca culture, are one of the most mysterious and fascinating sites in the world. There are more than 800 different figures, including animals, plants, and geometric shapes. The best way to see them is from a hot air balloon or small plane.


Lima is Peru’s capital city and it’s also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The city is home to a number of different attractions, including museums, galleries, restaurants, and nightlife. If you’re looking for something to do during your stay in Lima, be sure to check out one of the many museums or take a stroll through one of the city’s beautiful parks.


Huaraz is a small city located in the heart of the Peruvian Andes. It’s a popular spot for both tourists and locals, and it’s easy to see why. The city is full of beautiful mountain scenery, and there are plenty of things to do. Whether you want to go hiking, climbing, or just take in the stunning views, Huaraz is a great place to visit.